Benjamín Lechuga is a composer and guitarist musician recognized in the Metal genre and for being one of the founders of the Chilean band Delta that has more than 15 years of experience. However, as of 2011, upon being awarded by Steve Vai to study electric guitar at the ICMP in London, England, Lechuga released his first solo album and decided to undertake a project parallel to DELTA, but with a more experimental style. .

Inspired by physics, astronomy and our perception of time, the new album “It’s Not What It Seems” brings us subtle and heavy sounds in a modern instrumental metal that mixes complex rhythms, harmonies and solos but never loses the sense of melody. It also includes special appearances by the prominent Youtuber LoremaryluGT and the French guitarist Pierre Danel, from the band “Kadinja”. The music of the singles “Spiral Clock” and “Life is Now” and are accompanied by elegant videos where the band shows all its power and interpretive precision, without neglecting a powerful visual proposal.

The musical freedom of having his project as a soloist, without having a stylistic limit, is a very important guideline for Lechuga, who performs fusions with flamenco, jazz fusion, funk, arrangements of wind sections and string ensembles within the context of progressive metal.

Lechuga, currently residing in Los Angeles, California, maintains a similar rhythm both with the band and as a solo artist, but the projects are very different. “Unlike my solo sound, Delta’s comes very naturally, when I sit down to compose something for Delta, the sound and the lyrics already have their own personality years ago. Also, my project is instrumental, which allows me to play more with styles, more elaborate harmonies and different instruments. When you listen to both projects you notice the difference”

Throughout his career, part of the achievements obtained with Delta are 5 LPs, 2 live DVDs, 2 EPs, and numerous participations from 2003 to date in various festivals such as Progressive Nation at Sea (Miami-Bahamas Cruise), Power Party Shield 2008, Singing for Haiti 2011, and Arma Open Air Festival 2012. It has also been the opening show for: Stratovarius (x2), Rage, Symphony X, Vision Divine, Angra, Dream Theater, Sonata Arctica, Edguy, Kamelot, RAGE(x2), Riders on the Storm, Warcry and received the awards: Hard Rock Rising 2013 Chile (Winners of the local stage and the most votes globally) Progressive & Groove Radio Holland -for their song “New Philosophy” which reached the TOP 3.

As a solo artist he has released 4 albums. He has performed live in Germany (Euroblast Festival and Mountains of Rock Festival), in Mexico as the opening show for Marty Friedman, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Slovakia, Chile and Argentina. He was also the winner of the “Steve Vai Scholarship 2011” awards in London, the “Ibanez Project 2005” and the “Solo Para Bravos” Guitar Contest of the Modern School of Music in Chile.



Caparison Dellinger 7M3

Caparison Brocken 8 FX

Engl e530 preamp

Engl e840/50 power amp

Engl Ironball head

Engl 4×12 PRO cab

Engl 2×12 PRO cab

Cleartone Strings 9 .46 + .60(7th) + .80(8th)